Launched in 2001, our company has become the reference when it comes to natural gender selection method on the internet. Over the years, we have also developed high quality standards customer service, while keeping prices unchanged; making our service the cheapest natural gender selection on the net.

Mother of three, Stephanie, the co-founder, discovered this method in 1998. She was first interested to understand how some women could conceive only boys (which was her case!) or girls. She thought that it must be more than just luck. And after several months of researches and work, she finally discovered the biorhythms theory. She then tested it with her kids, friend's kids, relative's kids and found out that the success rate was exceptionally high (close to 95%), especially compared to all other natural gender selection methods.

Form there, she wanted to share her knowledge with as many women as possible. She felt that the web was the ideal medium for women around the world to get their personalized Girl or Boy Calendar in a fast and reliable way. From there, her husband supported her in putting together.

We do hope that will be able to help you to choose the gender of your future baby.

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