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Since our opening in 2001, we have received many questions. You'll find hereafter, the most common ones and we do hope that the answers will be helpful.

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Have a Baby Boy The Girl (or Boy) calendar will give you all your most favorable dates to the conception of a baby girl (or a baby boy). The Full Calendar will give you both Girl and Boy dates as well as 50/50 dates that are neutral biorhythms dates which means that no gender prediction can be established.

Have a Baby Boy Yes. The calendars dates are based on your personal biorhythms and are independent of your cycles. You just need to estimate, even roughly, your periods of fertility and to compare them with your dates in the calendar. When they match then it is the right time to conceive your baby.

Have a Baby Boy The calendar dates should stay your priority. All the tips and recommendations we are giving, are from other natural gender selection methods. And among all these natural approaches, the biorhythms theory (on which our calendars are based) is the one offering the highest success rate. Also, these tips and recommendations could be used in case you have limited or no calendar dates that would match with your periods of fertility.

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy The fact that you have limited number of your calendar dates that match with your fertile days mean that you are part of women who need to be a bit patient before conceiving their baby. It is happening to women who have, for some months even some years, a more favorable cycle of conceiving children of the same gender. Then after a period of time, the cycle reverse and then the baby gender predominance is changing. So your chances to conceive a baby girl or a baby boy are real and there are options on how to put all the chances on your side.

1. Be patient. As I mentioned above, this gender predominance is changing over months so patience is always paying off.

2. Monitor closely your cycle. As you know, cycles can change slightly due to tiredness, stress and other life changes /events. As a result, it could happen that a few days change in your cycle can give you the opportunity to conceive a baby girl or a baby boy sooner than you expected.

3. Finally there is the diet option especially if you are impatient! If you go that route then of course we will offer you the full calendar for the same period of your Girl or Boy calendar. Your full calendar will then help you to avoid Girl (or Boy) days and to try to conceive only during the 50/50 dates. Please note that the diet should be done very strictly and to start at least three months before trying to conceive. Also, we recommend you to talk with your doctor about the diet, so that he can monitor if any problems and if you can do it.

Have a Baby Boy You will receive you calendar directly online a few seconds after your transaction has been approved. You will also receive your calendar at the email address you used to do the transaction and within 24 hours.

Have a Baby Boy It is very simple. Just send us an email using the "Contact" form by clicking here. Our team will send you the calendar within 24h.

Have a Baby Boy No. We work with different countries around the world and accepting these payment methods would mean increasing our administration and staff costs. As a result, the price of our calendars would increase substantially. As we want to make our service available to the largest number of women, we have decided to keep our rates as low as possible and as such not to accept other payment methods than online payments.

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