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Have a Baby Boy Hi. I just wanted to thank you as I've just been told that I am expecting a baby girl. I just needed to use your calendar one month as I was lucky to be pregnant only on the first cycle after I stoped my contraception. Lucky twice! Thank you, thank you. Marion - France

Have a Baby Boy Hello, I come back to you as agreed because I have just given birth to a baby girl that we had due to your Girl Calendar. We are in heaven, our family is now completed with our 3 boys and this princess. Thank you again to allow families to be so happy! Audrey - France

Have a Baby Boy Only to tell you that I am very satisfied with the results of your predictions as I really wanted a baby boy. I followed your calendar and actually I have a handsome boy!!! Thank you and I wish that many women know your site so that they can choose the sex of their baby. Cynthia - Mexico

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie! Just wanted to let you know that we had success!!!! We had our little girl March 28th and my husband and I and our son are absolutely thrilled! It took some time for the ovulation to match with the dates and I followed the diet, positions, etc which was difficult but so worth it!!!! Thank you for all your help! All the best to you and yours! Fondly. Leanna - USA

Have a Baby Boy We bought a Full Calendar back in Decembre because having already 2 boys and 1 girl, we wished to have another girl. My wife was not convinced of the success of the site but followed me in this adventure. Yesterday the verdict fell, it is a girl due in October. I will recommend gladly your site because besides the purchase of this calendar, we always got an answer every time we requested information. So thanks to Stéphanie for her reactivity in her answers. All the best. Mickael - France

Have a Baby Boy Well, I used your calendar to have a boy and it worked! Thank you. Nabila - Algeria

Have a Baby Boy I do not know if you remember me but as promised I send you an e-mail to confirm you that I am excpecting a baby girl ! I am so happy!!! Thank you for your theory that worked marvelously well. I was anxious to let it you know. Thank you. All the best. Amandine - France

Have a Baby Boy I followed your Boy Calendar and all your advices, I am the happy mom of small Matthys. Thank you - Maryline - France

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy Hello Stephanie! This message is just to thank you sooooo very much!! We've been blessed with the baby girl we wanted ohhh soooo badly!!!! We have a gorgeous son who is now 6 and wanted a girl to complete the family! I must say that this is certainly the best 40 dollars I ever spent!! I thank god for blessing us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl....she is now 5 months old...simply precious!! I always wanted a boy and a girl! I think they're both so different and sooo much fun!! I purchased the girl dates from you although Ii knew that it is upto God to bless us with a boy/girl but I really wanted to do something more than just pray, to improve my chances!!! Thanks Stephanie!! I've told all my friends about your website!! I'm so glad that mine is also a success story! Please feel free to use it on your website! Sarika - USA

Have a Baby Boy My husband took me out to dinner one night and told me he was ready to try for a baby. I was so excited I got all our food to go and we rushed right home to "plan". We both wanted a boy and spent the night looking up what to do if you wanted to increase the chances. We came across some amazing tales! One was even to have him sit in a shallow tub of cold water for 30 minutes before intercourse! We decided to pass on that suggestion! I found the Chinese gender calendar and the baby ovulation calculators and they all seemed so iffy and my ovulation dates were not adding up to their calculators. I found your site and we thought, why not? Couldn't hurt to see another opinion. Come to find out the next two days would be ideal to conceive a boy! We took the next two days off and three weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test! We were so excited the next 13 weeks couldn't go by fast enough! Right before my husband was deployed we paid to have an ultrasound done to see if we were having a boy or a girl. As she rubbed the gel over my belly my husband joked it better be worth the money we paid to get the calendar. Sure enough, there was our little boy! Absolutely no doubt about it! Fast forward and now I have a 28 month old son and another baby on the way! Thanks. Alicia - USA

Have a Baby Boy I was pregnant when I accidentally came across your web site, I requested to know the sex of unborn baby your prediction was a girl. On 3rd December, I gave birth to a beautiful girl. Initially I was skeptical to make the payment thinking it might be fake but you guys prove me wrong. I will surely get back to you when am ready for my boy, thank you and God bless you. Esther - Nigeria

Have a Baby Boy Hello Stephanie, just to let you know that I am pregnant and that the baby is due in March and it will be a girl. Thank you very much for everything, and greetings. Celia - Spain

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, I purchased a calendar at the beginning of this year and tried for a baby in February on some 'boy' dates as I already have 3 girls. According to a DNA blood test that I have had I am expecting a boy! However I am still waiting to have a scan to confirm this (quite a few weeks away yet) and will keep you posted. Saira - UK

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, I am sending you this message to let you know that I have had my scan today and I am expecting a girl. We are delighted parents. Thank you for your help. The baby has been conceived on the 9th of September (girl day in my calendar). I will definitely recommend your site. Have a good evening and again thank you very much. Celine - France

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, I had bought the gender predictions from your site before but I could not ever get a result and I decided to try this time again and was elated with the result because it matched with another paid gender site. On a website where there is talk of gender and what websites have gotten the gender correct, your site and ?????.com were the only two that had rave reviews. It is a message board and no one said anything negative about either sites. My sister used your gender prediction, when I gave her the link and it said she was carrying a boy just like what ????? said as well. I also know your programs do work. I will definitely let you know the final result, I am almost certain your prediction is correct! Thank again!!! Kristin - USA

Have a Baby Boy I again wanted to thank you for your seriousness and professionalism. Ma little girl is a great hapiness and it is because of you ! I used your girl calendar and it worked perfectly well for us and the best proof is my little girl born last june. Thank you again and your method is to recommend ! Laurence - France

Have a Baby Boy I just wanted to let you know that we were very surprised and overjoyed to find out that we are having a girl. I was skeptical at first about joining your website but so glad I did! Maybe it was luck, visualization, or maybe going by your calendar in conjunction with tracking my cycle did it for us. Whatever it is I will recommend your site to anyone trying to have a girl. Thank you! Paige soon to be mother to a little girl in July. Paige - USA

Have a Baby Boy A first prediction, confirmed right the 18 Jan with our son's birth. A new experience with you this year and for the second time you were right, our little girl was born. I think for the third time we will use your service, it may be for a Girl Calendar... but that's our secret... Thank you again. Emmanuel and Marie-Cécile - France

Have a Baby Boy Last year you announced us that we will have a little boy. Although, all our friends were convinced that it will be a little girl due to the way my wife was carrying the baby. Due to her age, my wife had to go for amniocenteses and three weeks later we had the confirmation that it will be a little boy!!!!! Congratulations you were right. We will definitely recommend your site to our friends. Thank you again and all the best. Sylviane - France

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, I am so excited about your site, I have my baby girl and boy that I have always wanted. It really does work and I will tell all my friends about it! Rebecca - USA.

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie... Thanks so much... I am very impressed with your website and the program... I was slightly sceptical (sorry) and once I paid my money waited..and there was the email...then I wrote to you and you responded! Thanks so much.... There is another site which has a very bad reputation, that take your money, don't send the dates, and you cannot contact them or give feedback so I am so thankful that yours is legit. They don't even disclose how they come about the dates, whereas yours is very open about it all and I know that its very well researched. I'll be sure to let you know my results... Regards. Gretchen - New Zealand

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, just wanted to let you know that i had my baby and your calender was succesful, we were hoping for a girl and thankfully with your help and the blessing of god everything worked out well. Myself and my husband are absoutely thrilled after two precious boys our family is now complete. Thanks again. Evelyn - Ireland

Have a Baby Boy I am so glad that you e-mailed me. I used your calendar last year and I am pleased to announce that we have two little girls and in March of this year, after using your calendar, we have a beautiful bouncing baby boy!!!!! Thank you so much for helping to make a dream come true. With respect and appreciation. Kristen - USA

Have a Baby Boy I just thought I'd let you know the dates worked! I ordered a boy dates calendar. I had one date (28 September) and only one date which happened to land during my ovulation cycle in the whole six months of dates I was provided with. And that one date landed on the last day of my ovulation too, but we tried anyway with high hopes, even though the odds seemed against us. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant with the little boy we were so hoping for! Just thought you'd like to know and we are really happy! I wasn't really sure if the biorhythm theory would work, but it did and I just wanted to say thank you! I can't wait for our little baby boy to be born. Many thanks! Jade - South Africa

Have a Baby Boy Hi Good Morning, you calendar sounds great for others trying to have a family. I used mine and am fortunate to announce we are expecting in Jan a healthy baby boy. I was hoping for a baby brother for our 20 month old daughter. So thanks for your plan. And best wishes to your other subscribers. Marybeth - UK

Have a Baby Boy Stephanie, we used your plan and I'm proud to say after four girls we are expecting a boy in just four weeks. Thanks for the help. Lisa - USA

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, what can I say - I had my ultrasound yesterday and yes I am having a girl - my husband and I are over the moon - thank you so so much for your help!! Kind regards. Mary - UK

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy I just wanted to let you know you were right, had a beautiful baby girl on Christmas. Thanks. Tara - USA

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, last summer you helped me to predict the sex of the baby I conceived back in June. Well I had 2 ultra-sound and they said 9 to 1 it was a girl. Which was what you predicted and what we were hoping for!!!!! She is healthy and growing strong. Thanks for everything!!! I think you offer a fabulous service. We feel truly blessed to be having a precious baby girl!! Thanks again. Amy - USA

Have a Baby Boy Just to let you know I conceived my baby last September. Curiousity got the better of me a few months ago and I requested your prediction which was a girl. On May 31st I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, she and her 2 brothers and sister completes our family perfectly. Thanks. Claire - UK

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, glad to announce we had our baby son two months ago. Our family is now complete. Thanks for the service you provided. Michelle - USA

Have a Baby Boy Just thought I would let you know that I did have a boy. Your prediction was correct. Christine - UK

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, unfortunately we found you too late (after conception), but your prediction was right. We have a little boy (which is what we wanted) and plan on using the calendar for the next one! As of now we think we want another boy. All my friends were using the Chinese calendar and other old wives tales and my prediction from you was the only right one besides the ultrasound! You are the best and we will defiantly use you again. I tell all my friends who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant to come to you website! Thanks again. Amber - USA

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, just thought you would like to know that I used your projection calendar to conceive our second child. We already have a three year old girl, and six weeks ago, our son was born as you predicted. We now have the perfect family. Thank you!!! Kelly & Nick - UK

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, I want to thank you for your help in the past and also to let you know that I had my little girl using your calendar prediction, though she arrived 17 weeks early due to an infection, she had her ups and down, but she is ok..... thank God. I recommend your site to all, I have 4 boys and my princess. Andrea - USA

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy I searched through aol search "plan baby sex" and it pulled up a few, yours included. It appeared to be the best one, so I chose your site. Thanks for your response!! Michelle - USA

Have a Baby Boy We got our projection back in December...we have 2 girls and wanted a boy. Our son is due this September...Thanks! Tony & Tammy - USA

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, I got my girl as predicted and would love another, but not right now! Best wishes. Polly - UK

Have a Baby Boy I requested your calendar just after having known I was pregnant in December as I wanted to know the sex of our first baby. The second ultrasound confirmed us that we were waiting for a little girl, which was what you predicted me ! Now I recommend your site to all and for sure I will use your calendar prediction for the next one ! I am sure that it is more effective than the salted or sweetened diets! Regards. Laurence - France

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, we have requested your pregnancy calandar in August before the second ultrasound with the doctor in order to know the sex of our first baby. In a few words...WELL DONE. Skeptical at first, I'm very glad to announce you that Marie-Cécile and I are waiting for a little boy. Many thanks for your prediction and be aware that we will request your site for any future event. For all of you, I recommend this site for predictions. Regards. Marie-Cécile - France

Have a Baby Boy

Have a Baby Boy Just to let you know I have used your service twice now in 2003 and again in 2005 and both times I was delighted to conceive a girl just like the calendar told me it really works after having 5 boys I was so thrilled to adventually get my girls the calendar was very easy to read and your tips were great . Can't tell enough people who would like to swing the odds a bit about your web site. Tracey - UK

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie just to let you know that I am currently pregnant and as far as we know your plan is true, we found out on our scan it is a boy which is what you predicted me. I will find out in a few weeks (due date 21/7), I will keep your website in mind if needed which I think may be for the near future. Many Thanks. Dona - UK

Have a Baby Boy I just wanted to update you with our gender results. We are having a GIRL due June 17th. Thank you for your calendar and all your help with helping us achieve our dreams of having a little girl. Our family now feels complete! Take care, Adrienne - Canada

Have a Baby Boy Dear Stephanie, as I work for .............. and knew about your site, I was really intrigued to see whether you could predict the gender of my baby. I therefore signed up back in May. My son was born on 17 October. Your prediction was a BOY. So you got it right. Thanks and regards. Virginia - UK

Have a Baby Boy Well, I have good news for your theory... Your calendar predicition was that if I were to get pregnant in september it would be a girl. I had my first ultrasound at 21 weeks, yesterday and it confirmed that I would be having a girl. She is due june 7th. Thank you for your help!! By the way, I have two sons, a 9 yr old and 6 yr old! A daughter will be a blessing!! Again, Thank you! Violeta - UK

Have a Baby Boy YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had a boy on February 28. Conceived around July 4-7 last year. Tammy - USA

Have a Baby Boy Hi Stephanie, I used your Calendar because my husband and I had a great desire to have a girl first. Well we did!!! Emilia is the greatest gift we could have asked for. She is so beautiful. Now, it's time to try for a little brother for her. Thank you. Lisa - USA

Have a Baby Boy